Accordiaca is a Live Jazz Ensemble for spacial event established by Assi Rose & Yaela Elyashiv who are a couple in life based in Israel.

In 2016, They opened their own production company and cultural centre in Pardes Hanna, Israel. Producing records, documentary films, video clips & hosting a wide range of local & international artist performances. Assi & Yaela are currently recording ‘Echo Spirit’s’ debut album with some of today’s great world music musicians: Yair Dhalal (Udd), Shai Ben Tzur (Bansuri), Yossi Fine (Bass), Pepe Danza (Percussion) & Alokesh Chandra (Sitar).


Assi Rose 

A ‘Jazz & World’ music producer, singer & songwriter playing: Piano, Accordion, Guitar(loops) & Saxophone. Rose traveled the world for 15 years exploring world music and has collaborated with a wide range of artists from all over the world including:David Grissman, Shimshai, Jah Levi, Tina Malia, Kula Shaker & Yossi Fine. Rose’s wide range of instruments & influences delivers powerful musical sounds.

Yaela Elyashiv

A singer & an international stage performer:

A Dancer and an Actress.
Was a part of the well-known Kibutz Dance Company (KDC) with who she performed locally and around the world. Later in Germany, she played a lead role at the Dusseldof “Sound Theatre” (Teater der kalnge) and in Hamburg, played the lead role as Buddy Holy’s wife in the musical: ‘Buddy’.