Echo-Spirit Album is coming out November 2018.

Assi & Yaela are currently recording at Art-Celebration studios Pardess Hanna together with Yossi Fine (Bass), Alokesh Chandra (Sitar) , Moti Joseph (Drums), Erez Gal Or (Pan Flute) & with Pepe Danza (Percussions).

The music is designed to uplift our spirit and connect us closer to our hearts along with world music & female/male harmonies.Echo Spirit’s music shares positive messages to empower people, hoping for a better environment and for  inner peace, love & happiness . Influences: Indian, Flamenco, Afro beat, Mediterranean, Reggae, Gypsy & Native American.

New tracks from the album will be released soon, stay in touch.

Support us by buying the album in advance with your donation, we will send you a copy by post (for donations above 25$)

We accept donations above 10$ for the digital download.

Thank you !

Assi & Yaela